Order and Payment Terms

Ordering and obtaining photographic images and scans

The Visual Media Department of the Prussian Secret State Archives can be commissioned with the production of photographic images and scans using a form available in the research room or online. Information on the types of reproductions available and the respective costs can be found in the price list of the Visual Media Department.

For reasons of preservation, not every type of reproduction – overhead scan, photographic digital reproduction, etc. – is possible for all archival materials. In this case, the Prussian Secret State Archives will contact the person indicated in the order form before processing the order to discuss the appropriate form of reproduction.

Digital reproductions of already completely digitized object (1 record = 1 archive reference code) that were created as an overhead scan (code: JPG, TIFF), are charged at € 4.00 per record, regardless of the number of pages and images. To find out if an archival record is already completely digitized, please contact the archive.

The order form must be filled out legibly and completely. Research room staff is available to assist you to clearly indicate the pages you want copied, or answer any other questions you may have.

If you order copies by mail or email, be sure that reference codes are complete and accurate.

The Prussian Secret State Archives reserves the right to refuse orders or parts of orders for reasons of preservation.

Ordered reproductions can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Pick-up at archive
  • Download (for digital files only)
  • By mail on USB stick (plus costs for USB stick, packaging and postage)
  • By mail on DVD (plus costs for packaging and postage )

Terms of payment

Reproductions must be paid for in advance of processing and will be delivered upon completion.

The cost of the order is to be calculated by you at the time of placement.

For orders delivered by mail, packaging and postage costs will be charged additionally. Orders delivered by mail are not insured, i.e. you bear the risk of loss during shipment.