Copyrights for reproductions made by the Visual Media Department are explained below. The following information does not pertain to third-party copyrights to works contained in archival holdings. When publishing reproductions of archival materials, users are obliged to preclude infringements of the copyrights of third parties and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of those concerned and of third parties.

Reproductions of archival materials made in the archive's Visual Media Department are royalty-free. They fall under the "Public Domain Mark 1.0" (PDM). However, to ensure good scientific practice, the source of reproductions should be designated as "GStA PK, reference code", e.g.:

Image: GStA PK, I. HA Rep. 178, No. 3201

Specially arranged images (DIGS: three-dimensional images, e.g. illuminated seal reproductions, tabletop images, special formats, such as montages, etc.) produced by the Visual Media Department on request, as well as their copies (DIGS-DUP) are pictorial works within the meaning of copyright law. When publishing these images, their origin must be indicated as "GStA PK/author" (for the name of the author, see the "Properties" of the image file under "Details/authors"), e.g. "GStA PK/author":

Image: GStA PK/Sue Smith

If copyrighted images made by the Visual Media Department are to be used commercially, publication is subject to a fee. The fee agreement and the conditions of publication are to be arranged with the photo agency Preußischer Kulturbesitz (bpk-Bildagentur, Märkisches Ufer 16-18, 10179 Berlin; 030/266 43 67 00;